Blowbang with Rebecca, Scene #01

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Rebecca is on the red carpet and ready to go! Her natural boobs are already out (she may have been helping the guys warm up a little before the cameras started rolling). She is pretty excited and warmed up herself to be surrounded by FIVE COCKSMEN with their dicks in her face, ready to be sucked. Will gets the first lucky blowjob before Randy starts in with some FUN FACTS. The other guys lose thier train of thought thanks to Rebecca’s amazing tongue action. Check it out when the camera shoots Rebecca from below. Her tongue dance will put you in a trance! Imagine how it feels on those lucky Cocksmen. Eddie gives Rebecca something to think about with some D.O.T.B. (‘Dick on the Brain’) as he places his rod on top of her head. This week’s camera angles also give you an excellent view of the Cocksmen’s dicks going all the way down Rebecca’s throat. This woman is a champion deep-throater! She can even swallow Will all the way to the root. When questioned afterward, Will said Rebecca is one of only three women EVER to take his thunder stick all the way down. Bravo, Rebecca. Eddie checks the oil this week while Rebecca gets surrounded by four other dicks. She handles them all as if maybe she has done this before. The noises she makes are like blowjob opera. Make sure you have the sound up for this one. Chris and Randy finger-bang Rebecca, almost getting her to her first orgasm of the day, but those will have to wait until she’s up on the pedestal. If the Cocksmen have to wait to cum, so does she. After one more round of deep-throating, Rebecca gets down low for her COCKTOPUS. She is 100% ready to get FUCKED, FILLED, AND FED! Finally Rebecca gets whisked away down the hall in Chris’ arms to the awaiting pedestal. If her pussy can do half the tricks her mouth did, this is gonna be one for the record books. You haven’t seen her gangbang yet? What could you possibly be waiting for? Go watch Rebecca’s legendary gangbang and learn a thing or two. Take some notes and study up for next week when a new Gangbang Queen is going to have to work hard to match Rebecca’s skill level. Who will it be? Find out next week by coming back to THE WORLD’S BEST FIRST GANGBANG, GangbangCreampie!


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